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Animal Control

The Animal Control Division enforces all State and County regulations regarding specific domestic animals. Officers provide services from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Emergencies are handled on a case-by-case basis during other hours.

All dogs must be vaccinated against rabies and licensed by four months of age.

Stray domestic animals picked up by the Animal Control Division are taken to the Upper Valley Humane Society Animal Shelter on 2501 W Trenton Rd. Edinburg, Tx. Animals who have no known owner can be adopted. for more information on the shelter click here.


What we do:
* Pet adoptions **
* Animal Shelter & Adoption Center **
* Stray pick-ups
* Emergency response: injured, sick or viscious animals
* Public Safety
* Animal bite quarantines
* Law enforcement
* Rabies control
* Animal cruelty & neglect investigations
* Much more...

** Services provided by the Palm Valley Humane Socity.

ANIMAL BITES / RABIES CONTROL- Bats, skunks, raccoons and foxes are some of the many animals who transmit rabies. The County of Hidalgo require current rabies vaccinations on all dogs and cats.

If you are bitten or scratched by any warm blooded animal including your pet dog or cat you must contact the Animal Shelter, Health Department or your physician immediately.

For more information about Animal Control, call:

Hidalgo Co. Health Department
Environmental Health Division

1304 S 25th Ave.
Edinburg, Tx 78539
Phone (956) 383-0111 Fax (956) 383-7351
E-mail environmental@hchd.org



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